Multigrain Idiyappam

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Multigrain Idiyappam

Multigrain Idiyappam includes variety of flours.It will give a cool effect for body so especially is summer it is good to include this in the meal.

Multigrain foods will be high in complex carbohydrates and protein. Complex carbs are great for energy production, and this can help with exercise and losing weight. They break down slower so they can provide energy over a longer period of time.


  • They can be found in foods in their most natural condition like breads with multiple whole grains.
  • The levels of protein will aid the body in tissue repair and production of antibodies that will help fight sickness or infection.
  • they will contain nutrients, fiber and essential minerals like magnesium, copper and iron.
  • Multigrains that contain whole grains will be filled with essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, starch and fiber.
Idiyappam Wholesalers In Chennai
Kuthiraivali Idiyappam

Barnyard millet known as kuthiravali in Tamil, Oodalu in Kannada, odalu in Telugu, Jhangora in Hindi and Kavadapullu in Malayalam. Like other millets, barnyard millets are gluten free and vegan cereals. In north India it is called as Samak / Swang. North Indians use Barnyard millet during fasting season of navarathiri.

Kuthiravali (tamil) are tiny white, round grains belonging to the millet family (siruthaniyam). As these days millet cooking is getting popular,wanted to try some dosa with millets.This is another millet based recipe.

Nutritional Value of Barnyard Millet (kuthiravali)

  • High in fibre
  • Good source of zinc and manganese
  • Helps to maintain body temperature
  • Rich Anti - Oxidant
  • High in Carbohydrate
  • The bran layer has fat (good fat) and minerals
  • Millets are predominantly starch. (It gives a sweet taste)
  • Good source of B-complex vitamins
Idiyappam Wholesalers In Chennai
Kambu Idiyappam

Kambu otherwise known as Bajra/pearl millet is available in Tamilnadu. It will give a cool effect for body so especially is summer it is good to include this in the meal.

It contains several essential minerals like phosphorus, zinc, magnesium etc. It contains essential vitamins and amino acids, which contribute to its therapeutic properties.

Pearl Millet are rich in proteins (highest for any grain) and minerals. Pearl Millet is a cereal grown and consumed extensively in India due to its several health benefits.


  • Kambu is one of the best ingredients that diabetics can include in their diet.
  • Kambu is a great ingredient to include in weight loss diet, as it keep us satiated for a long time.
  • Please encourage children to consume kambu as it full of minerals and vitamins that keeps the hair and skin healthy.
  • Reduces Heat: Kambu mixed with yogurt and some salt cools the body immediately and gives instant energy.